Take an informative tour to find out what elearning is all about.

Take an informative tour to find out what elearning is all about.

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"With working full-time and raising young children, I knew that I would never be able to attend regular college classes. "

Irene Varney, General Studies; Working mom

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You can be an eLearner too. If you are interested in understanding what it takes to be an eLearner, the About section can answer all of your questions from how to prepare for eLearning to how to pay for eLearning.  If you have an interest in eLearning in North Carolina, check out one of the following sections:

K-12 - From elementary to high school; to preparing for college or getting a GED.
College - Take courses and pursue degrees without going to a traditional campus.
Career - Links to online certification, licensing, and executive education programs.

Not a student? The Facilitating section has resources for teachers and professors that will help them become more proficient in creating and administrating eLearning classes.

North Carolina is a leader in eLearning and eLearningNC.gov pulls all of the links to the information together into one convenient spot. Get started in eLearning now by selecting any of the categories above.

eLearning News & Announcements

NC’s Military Tuition Policy is Soldier Friendly
Two NC Universities ranked in the Top 10 Best Value Public Colleges for 2013
Air National Guard and UNC System Schools Host a College Fair
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About the eLearning Commission

The eLearning Commission is dedicated to creating and promoting a collaborative online learning environment that promotes student achievement, business success, economic stability, and lifelong learning for every citizen of North Carolina.