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Last Edited: 04/25/11
Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools Ramps Up New e-Learning Academy

150 juniors and seniors will be allowed to take all of their classes online, from home this coming school year through Charlotte-Mecklenburg School’s (CMS) new e-Learning Academy. Although online high school classes are nothing new to CMS students, the idea of doing it without coming to the school campus is taking it a step further. 

It takes a highly motivated student who can stay focused and get their work done on time without falling behind. The courses require just as much reading, and usually require six to eight hours per week per course, just like in a regular classroom. However, this option offers a level of independence for those students with jobs or special health needs don’t mesh with normal school schedules. Reading and assignments come from online documents and class lectures are provided by video clips. Message boards and online chats provide an opportunity for classroom discussion. In effect, it is preparing them for college, because more and more college students are taking one or more classes online.

In many cases, online classes provide the opportunity to take unusual or advanced classes that are not normally offered at each school, such as Arabic or Russian language classes or college-level biology. Students who fall behind will be required to come to school more than once a week, so there is a huge motivation to stay on task.

The new e-Learning Academy is part of the overall state online strategy that includes the North Carolina Virtual Public School which provides almost 46,000 classes to students in almost every school district in the state.

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