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Last Edited: 04/30/14
NC’s Military Tuition Policy is Soldier Friendly

Active duty military and their dependents stationed in North Carolina qualify for in-state tuition. This generous tuition policy was established by the NC General Assembly for military personnel and their dependents, including military-specific initiatives designed especially for military personnel by the universities and community colleges. This link is to the N. C. General Statutes GS 116-143.3 which describes the policy in detail.

Active-duty members of the armed services are charged in-state tuition while abiding in North Carolina because of their active military duty in the state. This applies to reservists too. “Abiding” means living here, even without intent to make it one’s permanent home. If subsequently reassigned outside North Carolina, the members continue to qualify for in-state tuition as long as they remain continuously enrolled in the program they were in prior to reassignment.

A dependent relative who shares the abode of a member of the armed services who is in North Carolina on active duty also qualifies for in-state tuition.
A legal resident will not lose residency status due to service in the military at locations outside the state.