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eLearning FAQs


I cannot watch videos. What can I do?


First, find out what kind of video you are being asked to watch. Is it Flash? RealMedia? Perhaps you need the newest version of the player to see the movies.

Make sure that your browser meets our minimum requirements

Make sure that you downloaded the right version of plug-in for the Operating System (e.g., Windows 8, 7, Vista or XP) you are running.

If you download the installer onto your hard drive, make sure that you run the installer program. You can do this by double clicking the installer icon. If you do not complete the installation process, your plug-in will not work.

Many of the videos provide two options. One is for high speed Internet users labeled “High Bandwidth Version” and the other is for dial-up users labeled “low Bandwidth Version. ” In this case, make sure to choose the right version. For very slow dial-up users (56k connection or less), some videos will not work. Consider visiting a local library to watch the videos.