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Is eLearning for Me?

eLearning is not for everyone. Because eLearning courses offer the flexibility to fit into a student’s available time schedule, an eLearning student must have the self discipline to work through the material on a consistent and regular basis in order to keep up with the rest of their classmates. Usually, a textbook is required just as it would be in a regular on-campus program. Although you may not be sitting in a classroom with other students, eLearning courses are often comprised of a group of students, called cohorts, who learn the material separately, but simultaneously and are expected to interact with one another about the material throughout the week via discussion boards, typically through an online classroom management system.

There are usually scheduled test due dates and assignments that must be submitted on time. It takes real self discipline, as well as time management and organizational skills. If you have that self discipline and organization, then eLearning will be a good choice for you.

Take this very short Online Learning Readiness Questionnaire, from UNC, to see if eLearning is a good fit for you. The results will provide you with several suggestions to help you prepare for eLearning.