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NC eLearning Success Stories

Alexis Tecosky Cabrera / Military Spouse

"As a military spouse, ECU eLearning program has given me the opportunity to pursue my goals of attaining higher education, while not being constrained by my location."

Allan Petersen / High School Student

"It's cool because you can work at your own pace. "

Angela Knowles / High School Student

"I took a online eLearning course because I thought it would a great opportunity to get college credit while in high school."

Benjamin Cawood / Captain in US Air Force

"It's flexible enough to allow me to catch up during the weekends if problems arise during the week"

Beth Payne / Teacher

"The online courses are flexible with my schedule, and I like that."

Bob Pamplin / Teacher

"I teach full time and this program gave me the opportunity to complete class work when it was convenient to my schedule."

Captain Chad L. Shenk / Military

"Thanks to the online classes in Fayetteville State’s MBA program, I was able to tackle what would have otherwise been an insurmountable task."

Charles Fort / High School Student

"Online eLearning was flexible for me because I could use a proctor for exams without having to go to NC State’s campus."

Chelsea Moore / High School student

"As a Learn and Earn student it has been a pleasure having the opportunity to take online college classes while I am still in high school."

Dahlia Watkins / College student

"Wake Tech provides a great learning environment – even if you take classes online. There’s a support system in place, and people available to help you."

Damola Osayomi / Olympic athlete

"I took online eLearning classes to meet requirements for admission."

Emily Ward / Customer Service Representative

"My growing family, my career, and my education – they’re all important. With online classes, I can balance everything I value and enjoy life!"

Erin Bridges / High School student

"Not only will I have my two year degree by the time I graduate high school, but I now have a better understanding of what is expected of me when I enter a university next year."

Escarlen Mejia / High School Student

"I wanted to take computer programming, but the school didn't offer it anymore, so this was a way I could still take the class. "

Heather Barbour / Marketing Project Manager

"Without e-learning, none of my educational goals could be accomplished. "

Irene Varney / Working mom

"With working full-time and raising young children, I knew that I would never be able to attend regular college classes. "

Jason Lamm / SPC in US Army

"I know that I am well prepared for transition back to industry from the Army next year, which is a wonderful feeling."

Jennifer Johnson / Professor

"Overall, students have better instruction from online class work in the fact that it is flexible, it allows them to go back and review material and to be taught from content experts. "

Jerry Baird / Major in US Army

"Online eLearning allowed me the opportunity to complete a degree I started years ago."

Jessica Powell / Healthcare System Manager

"Online classes provided the avenue for earning my degree as well as helping me to achieve my personal and career goals."

Jim Harris / Principal

"Online classes provided the avenue for me to accomplish my goal."

John Hannah / Radiological Engineer

"You have the same opportunities that you have on campus, but you get the work experience at the same time."

Julia Albritton / College Student

"Online eLearning has been the solution to a scheduling conflict allowing me to stay on track towards graduation."

Keila P. / High School Student

"NCSSM Online allows me to reach my fullest potential."

Kyle C. / High School Student

"Through NCSSM online, I really have the best of two worlds. I can have these amazing courses, and I can still have my music, marching band and home school friends. "

Lupita Cabrera / High School student

"As the youth of today is the future of tomorrow I definitely think that every teen should consider taking advantage of the Learn and Earn online program. "

Marie Blanchard / Working Mom

"Working full-time and being a single parent does not leave me much time for attending classes on campus."

Marie Preston / College Student

"I'm a single-mom with a full-time job, so this works out great for me. "

Megan Owens / High School student

"I hope that achieving my two-year degree online while still in high school inspires other students across the state."

Meghan McCann / High School Student

"I enrolled in Medical terminology online because I want to pursue a medical career and I wanted a head start."

Meredith Foscue / High School Student

"It's really flexible and can fit into your schedule"

Michael Johnson / College Student

"I chose to take online eLearning courses because they give you the flexibility to complete work and assignments at home and at your convenience."

Nancy Long / Stay-at-home mom

"If I couldn’t do it online, I couldn’t do it."

PFC Travis Clark / Military

"I am so much closer to my goal of graduation, while still being able to work and spend time with my family even though we have relocated to Fort Eustis, Virginia. "

Rhonda Robinson / College Student

"It's hard for me to get on campus, but with eLearning I still feel like I'm part of the school. "

Ryan W. / High School Student

"I come from a very small school. We don't have a lot of fancy equipment, and you are limited on the type of experiments you can do."

Sabra Utz / Military spouse

"Being a military spouse, it's very difficult to take seated classes for a college degree. My schedule is based around my husband's very unpredictable schedule. "

Sally Harrill / High School student

"As a high school student, I have been allowed to gain my first two years of college credit online. "

Sara McMillen / Community College Instructor

"I love the online environment and the opportunities it holds for the students who are involved."

Scott Jarman / Professional Engineer

"The best compliment I received when I completed my degree was from people at work who said, ‘we didn’t even know you were back in school!"

Stephanie Smith / College Student

"Taking it online worked better for my schedule than taking it in a traditional classroom setting."

Tori C / High School Student

"Even though we do not have the teacher in the room to be able to help us individually, it challenges students to be more proactive and do things for themselves instead of having a teacher right next to you telling you how to do everything and not having to worry about thinking. It encourages us to become more verbal. "

Wendy Ikoku / Teacher

"As a first-time eLearning student, I have been impressed with the rigor of the course, and the quality of the interactions I have had with classmates and with the professor."