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NC eLearning Success Stories

Benjamin Cawood

Benjamin Cawood

Captain in US Air Force

Location: Goldsboro, NC
Degree / Program: Engineering

Captain Benjamin Cawood, like most, lives a busy life. He is the Chief of Training and a Weapons Systems Instructor for the 333rd Fighter Squadron and Replacement Training Unit at Seymour Johnson Air, flies 3 to 4 times a week, is a father to his 3 month old daughter and 3 year old son, and a full time husband.

With all that he had achieved and with a repertoire of experiences at hand, including flying several operations in Korea and Iraq, Captain Cawood still felt like he needed to obtain a Master’s Degree to be considered for any future promotions in his job.

With no time to drive to campus, sit in a classroom for hours, complete class projects and still find time for family and flying, Captain Cawood decided his best solution would be to pursue a Masters degree he could complete online. He contacted his former professor Dennis J. Fallon, the Dean of Engineering at The Citadel and NC State alum (Masters of Science CE 72’, Doctor of Philosophy CE 80’), and then began looking into NC State’s Engineering Online program, which allows its students to complete their degree without physically attending classes, Captain Cawood contacted the Engineering Online department and began the application process.

Captain Cawood started classes in the fall of 2004 and although he never needed to come to campus, he visited NC State. He encourages all the online students to meet with their professors or advisors because “It helps you feel more connected to the University”.  He admits that the program is challenging but says that his professors are very understanding and the program is flexible enough to allow him to catch up during the weekends if problems arise during the week. 

“NC State’s eLearning program is extremely convenient, user friendly and their system works really well”