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NC eLearning Success Stories

Jason Lamm

Jason Lamm

SPC in US Army

Location: Fort Bragg, North Carolina
Degree / Program: MBA at ECU

Pursuing the MBA program at ECU has been a very rewarding experience. I started taking classes on campus, but after joining the Army, I could only continue the program online.

I have especially enjoyed the distance education component. I have been able to continue towards my degree while traveling across the US and while deployed to Iraq. The ability to continue my education while in Iraq not only allowed me to grow academically, but it also gave me an outlet to focus my energies. The value of the MBA program at ECU is greatly enhanced by the knowledgeable professors and professional staff. I was able to easily resolve problems through email or brief phone calls no matter where I was.

Finally, I know that I am well prepared for transition back to industry from the Army next year, which is a wonderful feeling.