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NC eLearning Success Stories

Lupita Cabrera

High School student

Location: Bostic, NC

The Learn and Earn program has been a great addition to East Rutherford High School. It has not only helped me but it has also helped students across the state. I cannot see a reason for which students would not take advantage of this program. I mean, you are earning college credit while still in high school and it is completely FREE!!! Taking college classes online has provided me with an insight of how college will be for next year.  It has not given me the full gist of it but at least now I am prepared for the rigor that will be present in my college classes next year. Now I know what college teachers expect of their students and the type of work that is demanded. The Learn and Earn program has helped me in so many ways including earning a two year degree by the time I graduate. As the youth of today is the future of tomorrow I definitely think that every teen should consider taking advantage of the Learn and Earn online program.