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NC eLearning Success Stories

Rhonda Robinson

College Student

Location: Durham, NC
Degree / Program: Hospitality and Tourism

I am a single mom, very busy even though I have a 23-year old and a 15-year old. I (recently) had an on the job injury and so I am currently temporarily disabled. I could barely walk.  And with e-learning, I don’t have to drive on campus and I don’t have to try to look for a parking space.  e-Learning just makes it totally convenient for me.  I’m also busy as a community activist, so if I have to go to DC or if I have to go to Raleigh, I’m able to zip and go. I can take my laptop with me throughout the state overnight and I can complete my assignments that way.

Actually, being an online student, I still feel attached to the school and my classmates, because we initiate with the classmates that I have online.  We found out each other’s email address through our professor and we just exchange phone numbers and email address. I also have a study group through my online classes and it’s great.  I feel so connected to the school, and connected to my instructors.  I have nothing but good feeling, a good rapport with the staff and the faculty members and my online classmates.