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NC eLearning Success Stories

Sabra Utz

Sabra Utz

Military spouse

Location: Belgium
Degree / Program: Associate in Science

Being a military spouse, it’s very difficult to take seated classes for a college degree. My schedule is based around my husband’s very unpredictable schedule. I also have two children, ages three and four, so my life is busy, not to mention sometimes hectic! I have been a student at Surry since I graduated from high school; it is the only college that I feel comfortable attending. Now I live in Belgium, and after looking into the major online universities, and I just didn’t feel comfortable with them because of the difficulty I had navigating their websites. Living overseas, reliable communication is very important to me.  At Surry Community College, I didn’t feel like there was any distance barrier. Even living thousands of miles away, the staff was more than willing to set me up in the eLearning classes I needed in a timely matter and into the classes I needed for the fall semester. They were very reliable and friendly; corresponding with me daily to make sure I was taken care of. Currently, I am working towards finishing my Associate in Science degree.  From there, I would like to continue my studies and receive a Bachelors Degree in Nutrition Science.