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NC eLearning Success Stories

Scott Jarman

Professional Engineer

Location: Raleigh, NC
Degree / Program: Master of Engineering degree program

In 1991, professional engineer Scott Jarman came to the conclusion that in order to advance in his career, he needed to complete a master’s degree program. Like many busy professionals, Scott had quite a few demands on his time; the 40 plus hour work week, up to 40% of his time on the road, a spouse working full time, and of course a young child at home missing both mom and dad. Going back to school in a traditional setting just wasn’t going to work for the Jarman family.  Scott clearly needed a learning option he could wrap around the ever-increasing demands on his time.  While serving on an employee training committee, Scott discovered Engineering Online (then known as VBEE) and a Master of Engineering degree program offered via online eLearninghas been the solution to a scheduling conflict allowing me to stay on track towards graduation..  Now, Scott could put time back on his side.

Scott views his investment in online eLearninghas been the solution to a scheduling conflict allowing me to stay on track towards graduation. at NC State University as central to a string of professional successes. Soon after completing the Master of Engineering program, Scott was promoted from Engineer, to Staff Engineer, to Manufacturing Engineering Group Leader in rapid succession while he was with Raychem Corporation. Scott is now a project engineer at John Deere Turf Care, Inc., where his team designs new golf course equipment.

“The best compliment I received when I completed my degree was from people at work who said, ‘we didn’t even know you were back in school!’”