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NC eLearning Success Stories

Tori C

Tori C

High School Student

Location: North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics - Interactive Video Conference
Degree / Program: Honors Forensics and Mandarin Chinese

What I like the most about video conferencing is the fact that we are connected all across North Carolina, and we get to meet people from areas and schools we would probably have never met or known. The video conference makes learning different subjects easy. Even though we do not have the teacher in the room to be able to help us individually, it challenges students to be more proactive and do things for themselves instead of having a teacher right next to you telling you how to do everything and not having to worry about thinking. It encourages us to become more verbal. Video conferencing also gives us opportunities to learn things that we would have never been able to study in high school. Overall I like the set up of the video conference experience!