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Career eLearning Tools

There are tools available to help you succeed at eLearning. Below are links to resources that can match your interests and skills with courses of study that will enable you to persue your goals.

Career Planning Tools Link to Career Planning Tools provides extensive and age-appropriate career planning activities for elementary, middle school, and high school students, plus great resources for adults, too. Get to know yourself with Interest Profiler, Career Finder, Transferable Skills Checklist, Work Values Sorter and other assessment to link you to potential careers and college programs. Create your resume, practice job interview questions, send a follow-up thank you note after your interview and build your electronic career portfolio at

* Also see: Career Planning Tools's Home Page

Center for the Support of Beginning Teachers (CSBT) Link to Center for the Support of Beginning Teachers (CSBT)

The primary mission of the Center for the Support of Beginning Teachers is to support the professional development of beginning teachers and their transition to the classroom. Professional development opportunities for first-year teachers include the bi-annual WCU Beginning Teacher Induction Symposium and CSBT Online Support Program.

* Also see: Center for the Support of Beginning Teachers (CSBT)'s Home Page

Futures 4 Kids Link to Futures 4 Kids

Futures 4 Kids (F4K) is an online tool that allows middle and high school students to take a quick assessment of their interests and aptitude, discover the areas that appeal to them, and explore a variety of careers. F4K provides a centralized resource for students to:
• learn about their strengths and interests
• link to information about career opportunities and review job postings
• communicate directly with career coaches to get a “real-life” perspective on jobs
• explore education and training pathways, internships, scholarships and grants.
Many students like to start with salary information, but they can also find education and training requirements for career choices, and find out more about the companies in their communities.
They can connect with real people who are in the jobs that interest them—professionals who volunteer their time to talk with these students. Through a discussion board, students can ask questions and get advice. They have an opportunity to validate their career interests with the people who are in those fields. Or, based on what they find out, they may decide to look at a different career.

North Carolina Public Libraries Link to North Carolina Public Libraries

Public libraries are information gateways and provide a wealth of resources to our citizens. Public libraries subscribe to many newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals. Many of these materials are increasingly online and incorporated into indexes that link to articles on particular topics.  Public libraries have many resources, both print and online, for finding job opportunities and leads. They also lend books on resume and cover letter writing, training and other aspects of the job search. Many public libraries also offer high speed Internet access. This link provides a list of every public library in North Carolina.

Resources for Beginning Teachers Link to Resources for Beginning Teachers

Beginning teachers must adjust to the pace of the school day, the demands of record keeping, complex issues of classroom management, multiple learning styles, and high-stakes accountability. We’ve gathered the following resources to ease your way as a beginning teacher.

Scholarships Link to Scholarships

Are you looking for a scholarship to offset the costs of attending college? This link will provide information about available state need based and merit based scholarships and let you search for other scholarships that are available to students in North Carolina.

* Also see: Scholarships's Home Page

Transfer Student Planner Link to Transfer Student Planner

If you are looking to transfer college credits to a new college, this link will take you to a website that will allow you to compare course equivalents at institutions across the state and know whether your credits will transfer.

* Also see: Transfer Student Planner's Home Page