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Facilitating eLearning

Building eLearning materials utilizes a different set of tools and strategies than are used in building traditional classroom materials. This section provides resources to learn how to plan, create and publish eLearning materials utilizing the content management systems that are in use across North Carolina. If you are brand new to eLearning or need additional CEU credits, the Training and Certification section will link you to online courses where you can learn best practices. If you are looking for help in a specific area, then the Plan, Create and Publish sections are the place to go. The section on Learning Engagement contains links to materials to help make your eLearning courses relevant and interesting. The Assessment section leads you to resources that will help you produce quality testing components. By following the links in this Facilitating eLearning section, you can learn to produce top quality eLearning materials.

eLearning Training and Certification (4 Resources)

Planning for eLearning (1 Resource)

Creating eLearning (4 Resources)

Learner Engagement (4 Resources)