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Planning for eLearning

Planning for developing eLearning classes is similar yet different from preparing for a traditional classroom course. Using your course structure and learning outcomes, you will need to break down the course into modules to fit your particular Course Management System. Rather than writing on a white board, most delivery systems rely on your material to be presented in PowerPoint and your handouts are no longer paper, but rather, Acrobat (PDF) files. Quizzes and tests are entered into a test generator online. Handheld visuals may need to be photographed or captured as a video. As student interaction takes place on the online discussion boards rather than in the classroom, you must prepare yourself for following and responding to and grading each student’s participation in these topic discussions. Explore the links below, which are full of resources that will prepare you as you plan for eLearning.

Virtual Learning Community - Faculty Resources Link to Virtual Learning Community  - Faculty Resources

Instructors at North Carolina’s Community Colleges have a variety of VLC tools available to them online. You can seek out information about distance education partnerships, share course materials and develop contacts with other educators across the state.