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High School eLearning

North Carolina has a wide variety of online resources for high school students to get ahead. North Carolina Virtual Public School offers high school credit to students who want to complete Core courses, Advanced Placement courses, and Honors courses online. Learn and Earn Online is a dual credit program, offering both high school and college credit. UNCG iSchool offers college courses online to students in grades 10-12.

North Carolina Virtual Public School Link to North Carolina Virtual Public School

The North Carolina Virtual Public School (NCVPS) is committed to raising achievement and closing learning gaps with 21st century innovation by providing access to world class learning opportunities for all North Carolina students. They provide the vehicle for school districts to accomplish the State Board of Education’s goals of producing 21st century learners, professionals, leaders, and systems by providing easily accessible, online learning opportunities for our state’s most valuable resource: its children. Their mission is to provide skills, student support, and opportunities for 21st century learners to succeed in a globally competitive world. They offer over 72 courses-including Advanced Placement (AP), world language, and credit recovery courses-to students across the state of North Carolina. The courses utilize the Blackboard course management software to maximize student interaction in each class. Their courses are taught by highly qualified teachers who utilize video, interactive whiteboards, wikis, active worlds, and online discussion tools to engage 21st century learners.

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Adult Basic Education & Adult High School Link to Adult Basic Education & Adult High School

The North Carolina Community College System provides educational opportunities for adults to improve their reading, writing, mathematics, and communication skills through five major program components (Adult Basic Education, General Educational Development, Adult High School, English as a Second Language, and Compensatory Education).

Adult Basic Education (ABE) is a program of instruction designed for adults who need to improve their reading, writing, speaking, problem-solving, or computation necessary to function effectively in society, on a job, or in the family.

Adult High School (AHS) is a program of study that consists of core courses required by the Department of Public Instruction and the local public school system.  Along with the core courses, electives are also offered by the community college.  Completing these courses enables students to receive an Adult High School Diploma, once all graduation requirements are met. A list of Adult High School Diploma Program Coordinators can be found here.

English as a Second Language (ESL) is a program of instruction designed for adults who are limited English proficient and whose primary language is not English.

General Educational Development (GED)  is a program of instruction to prepare students for a battery of five tests which, when passed, certifies that the examinee has high school equivalency academic skills. The GED Diploma is issued when a student has an average of 450 on each test and a total score of 2250.

* Also see: Adult Basic Education & Adult High School's Home Page

Futures 4 Kids Link to Futures 4 Kids

Futures 4 Kids is a career guidance resource that allows students to explore various careers. This resource is only available at schools, community centers and libraries. Once signed in, students take an online assessment of their interests and talents. The system then suggests career options based upon those interests and outlines the necessary education skills to do jobs in that career field. In this education / business partnership, students can ask questions of pre-screened, local business people that act as career coaches. It is a win-win situation where businesses can grow interest in their future employees and students can learn about careers that match their interests. Ask you school or local library if this resource is available.

Interactive Video Conference (IVC) at NCSSM Link to Interactive Video Conference (IVC) at NCSSM

Interactive Video Conference (IVC) is a program offered by The North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics, tuition –free to schools across North Carolina.  Through its Distance Education and Extended programs department, NCSSM instructors teach upper level high school courses in mathematics, science and humanities. Two way audio and video technologies provide face to face communication for daily classes. Sessions are also recorded and made available via webstream for students to use for review. A broad selection of enrichment programs for K-12 students, teacher collaborations, and professional development workshops are scheduled on request.  Videoconferencing overcomes distance and technology barriers, and is so seamless that students and teachers often forget they are not in the same room.

North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Online Link to North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Online

NCSSM Online is a unique, tuition-free two-year online program of virtual learning. Available through the NC School of Science and Mathematics for junior and senior high school students, NCSSM Online offers a host of rigorous online honors and college level courses parallel to those offered in the NCSSM residential academic program. A unique feature of this two-year program is its design to bring students together for onsite collaborative learning experiences—a vital component of the complete NCSSM experience. The NCSSM Online program is available to highly qualified NC students who apply to the NCSSM residential school program or who apply exclusively to the NCSSM Online program. This program supplements continued enrollment at a local school, and also provides for a separate NCSSM transcript for the curriculum taken in the NCSSM Online program.

* Also see: North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics Online's Home Page