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K-12 eLearning Tools

eLearning Tools are resources that are available for students for their homework, projects and overall education. The are online repositories and searchable collections of magazine, newspaper, and journal articles, electronic books, historical materials, maps, and much more. Explore the links below and become a North Carolina eLearner.

College Campus Tours Link to College Campus Tours

Want to get a quick overview and campus tour of the universities in North Carolina without all of the driving? Visit CFNC.org where you can take an on-line tour of your favorite college campus, all from the comfort of your home. Use the Explore Postsecondary Schools feature to help you narrow the lists of schools that meet your college needs (like majors offered, location, special programs, and tuition information) quickly and easily to find the best fit for you.

* Also see: College Campus Tours's Home Page

FAFSA4caster Link to FAFSA4caster

Will you qualify for federal financial aid? This federal government web site will help you get an early estimate of your eligibility for federal student aid. It will give you an experience similar to FAFSA on the Web without actually applying. When you are ready to apply, you can transfer all of your FAFSA4caster data to the official application website, FAFSA on the Web. You can even apply for your Federal Student Aid PIN. By using this valuable resource, you will increase your knowledge of the financial aid process and find information about other sources of aid.

Futures 4 Kids Link to Futures 4 Kids

Futures 4 Kids is a career guidance resource that allows students to explore various careers. This resource is only available at schools, community centers and libraries. Once signed in, students take an online assessment of their interests and talents. The system then suggests career options based upon those interests and outlines the necessary education skills to do jobs in that career field. In this education / business partnership, students can ask questions of pre-screened, local business people that act as career coaches. It is a win-win situation where businesses can grow interest in their future employees and students can learn about careers that match their interests. Ask you school or local library if this resource is available.

High School Plan of Study Link to High School Plan of Study

Attending college is a big step in a child’s future. Whether it is done online or in a classroom, you need to get all of the information, up front, to get it right. CFNC.org will help you learn which careers match your interests and personality, keep a record of your high school grades, honors, test scores, and activities, track your progress toward meeting specific college entrance requirements, and much more.

* Also see: High School Plan of Study's Home Page

NC LIVE (statewide online library service) Link to NC LIVE (statewide online library service)

NC LIVE is North Carolina’s statewide online library service. NC LIVE provides North Carolina residents and students with access to high quality eLearning resources and information - searchable collections of magazine, newspaper, and journal articles, electronic books, historical materials, maps, and much more - covering a wide range of topics.

North Carolina Kids Page Link to North Carolina Kids Page

North Carolina Kids Page is a great place to learn, play and explore things about our great state of North Carolina. You can learn about the state’s geography, history, its leaders and our Governor. You can play word games, print out coloring book pages about the state, and find information about the state’s natural attractions. You can explore the state library, the NC Museum of History, the NC Museum of Art and even the NC Zoo. There is lots to see and do at this eLearning website.

North Carolina Public Libraries Link to North Carolina Public Libraries

Public libraries are information gateways and provide a wealth of resources to our citizens. Public libraries subscribe to many newspapers, magazines and scholarly journals. Many of these materials are increasingly online and incorporated into indexes that link to articles on particular topics.  Public libraries have many resources, both print and online, for finding job opportunities and leads. They also lend books on resume and cover letter writing, training and other aspects of the job search. Many public libraries also offer high speed Internet access. This link provides a list of every public library in North Carolina.

Paws in Jobland Link to Paws in Jobland

CFNC.org and Paws in Jobland gets elementary school students excited about career exploration. Take a tour through Jobland to uncover the many career profiles presented in an interactive “listen and learn” format. Explore career clusters, take an interest inventory, a fun quiz, and learn more about more than 125 careers. Get started today!

* Also see: Paws in Jobland's Home Page

Plan for a Career Link to Plan for a Career

CFNC.org provides extensive and age-appropriate career planning activities for elementary, middle school, and high school students, plus great resources for adults, too. Get to know yourself with Interest Profiler, Career Finder, Transferable Skills Checklist, Work Values Sorter and other assessment to link you to potential careers and college programs. Create your resume, practice job interview questions, send a follow-up thank you note after your interview and build your electronic career portfolio at CFNC.org.

* Also see: Plan for a Career's Home Page

Tax Free NC 529 College Savings Plan Link to Tax Free NC 529 College Savings Plan

Learn all about the state’s tax free NC 529 College Savings plan on CFNC.org. This site will help you to understand how you can start now to save for your children’s future college expenses using a choice of investment options.

* Also see: Tax Free NC 529 College Savings Plan's Home Page

Test Preparation Link to Test Preparation

Get a head start preparing for college entrance exams with FREE test prep courses!  CFNC.org offers free comprehensive test prep courses for the SAT, ACT, and GRE. CFNC Test Prep features easy-to-use tutorials that pick up where you left off each session, interactive practice tests, sessions that dynamically adapt to each student’s ability level, and a 2,000 word vocabulary builder.  Improve your score today!

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